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Sliding bearing installation

Lubrication and Maintenance

GLYCODUR® F bearings have good dry sliding properties and do not need lubrication. The presence or supply of oil or other fluids may be advantageous, including other liquids not normally used for lubrication, e.g., water, kerosene or paraffin. Lubrication enhances the removal of heat from the bearing and the formation of a load carrying hydro-dynamic lubricant films result in a considerably enhanced wear characteristic and thus a considerable extension of the service life.

If grease is applied periodically for reasons of sealing or protection of the mating surface against corrosion, this will extend the service life of the bearings. A single application of grease to GLYCODUR F bearings during installation may have a negative effect on the service life, however, as the grease will form a paste-like mixture with the wear particles produced during running-in, which will increase the bearing wear.

Age-resistant lithium-based greases are preferred for lubrication, but at operating temperatures over 80°C (170°F), silicone greases should be used. Greases containing solid lubricant additives (e.g., molybdenum disulfide) are unsuitable.

GLYCODUR® A bearings have to be lubricated initially with grease. Saponified lithium greases (e.g., Klüber Polylub GLY801) are specifically suited for these bearings, due to their good adhesion, or saponified aluminum greases with good moistening power. It is not necessary to relubricate after the initial application, but the presence or continuous supply of lubricating fluid or grease does considerably extend the service life.

For this reason, GLYCODUR A bushings from 10 mm (0.3937 in) bore diameter and 12 mm (0.4724 in) width are delivered with a lubrication hole as standard. The nominal diameter of the lubrication holes are given in the table below. The size and position of the holes is in accordance with the specifications in ISO 3547. The recommendations regarding the grease to be used are the same as for GLYCODUR F bearings.

Bearing bore diameter d Nominal diameter of lubrication hole
over incl.
-- 22 mm/0.866 in 3 mm/0.118 in
22 mm/0.866 in 40 mm/1.575 in 4 mm/0.157 in
40 mm/1.575 in 50 mm/1.969 in 5 mm/0.197 in
50 mm/1.969 in 100 mm/3.937 in 6 mm/0.236 in
100 mm/3.937 in   8 mm/0.315 in

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